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New MOCK EXAMS for Paper A

New MOCK EXAMS for Paper A

by SPMM Administrator -
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SPMM MOCK EXAMS (booster package) for Paper A are now available for registration. Please go to  and choose BOOSTER PACKAGE (Paper A). You will get access to TWELVE full-length mock papers each valid for 14 weeks. You can make unlimited number of attempts on each mock paper.

Updates for 2020: Mock exam for paper A has been updated to reflect the recent changes in the exam as follows:

1)Paper A1/A2 combined to one paper A

2)Full-length papers will carry 150marks, not 200 to reflect recent changes.

3)Content distribution will reflect the new blue print that was recently published (2020)

4)Display will be similar to the on-screen display of the new online MRCPsych exams (one question per screen)

5)Number of mock exams increased to 12 in total, from 6.

6)Validity extended to 14 weeks from the date of purchase; you will have ample time to take all practice exams and revisit them in the weeks preceding your actual exam.

Why should you use these mock papers?

  • These are excellent simulations of the real exam
  • The most important factor to ensure success in paper A is your ability to complete the paper within the stipulated time. Practice now to perfect it!
  • SPMM Mocks are prepared on the basis of the exam blue-print - not a randomised set of questions picked by a computer programme. Our mocks are true reflection of the real exam.
  • Cost: £249. Please go to Course Packages page to make a purchase (listed under Booster Packages)