Most candidates who have succeeded in the MRCPsych exams in the last 5 years have used our materials. This is because our approach towards revision is intense and our focus is relentless. SPMM course is the cardinal resource for psychiatric trainees across the globe. Our materials have been designed to follow closely the new pattern of exams (Paper A and B) introduced in 2015. We work continuously to maintain our quality and reputation, and all the courses are tailored comprehensively to suit the needs of the trainees who are sitting for the membership exam.

Our online Question Bank is a growing up-to-date resource boasting more than 8000 questions. You get access to MCQs, EMIs, answers, explanations, and references for further revision, lecture notes (smart revise notes) covering a wide range of topics relevant to the exam with an exhaustive coverage of all topics prescribed in the RCPsych syllabus for each paper and a continuously expanding Question Bank. The questions were prepared after extensive appraisal of the new exam pattern in recently conducted exams.

Many other courses do what is easy for them -e.g. they cut out EMIs from their online Q bank, don't provide evidence for controversial answers or don't write meticulously condensed revision notes. SPMM provides you a one-stop all-inclusive revision aid. Our starter packages come with answers, explanations and references in addition to full lecture notes so you don't have to look elsewhere. Furthermore, unlike other courses who randomize same questions to provide a 'pseudo-mock exam', our booster (mock exam) package has completely different questions from our starter package, so you get the real feel of taking the exam.

Our SmartRevise notes are the only resource that is purpose-written in strict accordance with the College's prescribed syllabus for your exam. You can build your entire revision around them, and there will be no need to buy chunky textbooks. Without these notes, you may have to read different sections of a number of various textbooks or journal articles to feel prepared. The SmartRevise notes are extensively referenced, peer reviewed and closely aligned with the prescribed syllabus for various papers. Wherever possible we have included key research studies and relevant review articles.

All of our notes are now PRINTABLE. The SmartRevise notes relevant to the topic that you revise will appear on the screen as a linked PDF file. You can print it whenever required.

Starter packages provide access to our comprehensive study materials (SPMM SmartRevise ©) and subject-based question banks with evidence-based answers and explanations (SPMM HiYield ©). You will have six months access to these resources from the date of purchase.

Booster Packages provide access to SPMM mock exams - our practice tests that revolutionized the MRCPsych exam preparation since their introduction. These are excellent simulations of the real exam prepared on the basis of the exam blueprint - not a randomised set of questions picked by a computer programme. Booster (Mock) Package subscription will give you access to six individual practice papers, all made of reconstructed questions from the most recent exams. Mock exams are meant for self-assessment when you feel sufficiently prepared for the exams. Mocks allow you to identify your weakest areas before the actual exam. You can take the exams any number of times, till you get it right!! Please note that lecture notes are not available with mock exams (booster pack).

Our face to face course (based in London) is modelled to provide a revision of all themes that are known to be included in the college Question Bank. It offers an intense one-stop revision with the recalled, past exam questions. It is reputed for its intensity, clarity and coverage of details required for passing the exam comfortably. In addition, you get the detailed explanatory teaching of concepts that are repeatedly tested in the exams. SPMM is the only course which concentrates on teaching the concepts that will help the candidate face new questions, instead of running through a bunch of questions. You can be assured that you know the answers for a significant proportion of questions that may tilt the scales from a FAIL to a PASS in few weeks' time! We are enjoying substantially higher pass rates diet by diet - no matter how low the College pass rates are: Our face to face course candidates always fares better.

We have taken into account the extensive preparation needed for paper B critical appraisal modules. Our critical appraisal modules deliver MCQ oriented theory and not irrelevant, complex biostatistics. Our statistics module teaches problem-based statistics - i.e. applying statistical knowledge to solve journal vignettes. This pattern of testing is clearly reflected in the recently introduced paper B exam.

Yes, trainees from any country in the world can sit the MRCPsych Examinations. Overseas trainees have been successful in the past and continue to achieve success in the exams. For many of your colleagues, SPMM has reduced the need for re-sitting the same exam, thus saving both money and sleep.

The ideal preparation time for each paper is 6 months. You should first apply for the starter package. The online courses have been created and are structured to provide everything you need when you set up a revision plan. When you feel sufficiently prepared for the exams, then apply for the booster package (mock exams). We strongly recommend you to apply for booster pack (mock exams) 4-6 weeks before your actual exam.

It is important to check for eligibility before starting your preparation. Please see the college website or use the link below; If you are in doubt, please write to the examinations department and clarify with them.

We do not have manned offices for phone calls to be handled. We operate mostly in the online space. The course was founded and run by full-time employed psychiatrists. You may contact us on, and we will respond to your queries at the earliest.

We do not allow password sharing. All of our customers are doctors who abide by ethical and professional standards. We occasionally see breaches or irregularities in the end-user contract, as we have a system to monitor sharing of passwords. We take these irregularities seriously and act on them, but we exist with a purpose to help trainees pass their exams. We place this motive first before our pecuniary interests.

Group bookings are strictly prohibited and breach our copyright policy and legal usage.

We do not post the materials if candidates are unable to attend the course for any reasons. Our terms/conditions are very clear about sending materials. We print the exact amount of copies during the week running up to the course. If people do not collect their materials, we do not take them and store them afterwards in case of cancellations. We simply do not have storage facilities to keep hold of such products, and we are not obliged to either.

We are unable to advise in this matter, though we would like to help. In these situations, you must check with your training programme director or clinical tutor regarding this and seek further advice.

Our courses are usually held at the Hilton Olympia hotel, London Kensington Olympia. Many B&Bs and hotels are available for a reasonable price at Earl’s Court, Kensington High Street and Hammersmith - all of which are at walking distance from the venue. There are parking spaces available at the hotel (Fee: £35-40 per day). There are lots of off street parking facilities near the hotel, which may be free of cost on Sundays.

Materials will be updated, and new questions including previous exam questions will be added whenever they become available, and this is usually once or twice a year for each paper.

The mock exam and high yield questions are carefully constructed such that same questions do not repeat in both resources. A handful of important themes that appeared several times in the exams may be included in both often with some variation in choices or explanations. Hence some overlap between High Yield course questions and mock exams are unavoidable.

Classroom course and online course are separate products. Therefore it is not possible to swap courses.

We will provide you with an invoice and receipt, to confirm the money that you have paid to attend the course. We will also send you a confirmation letter to confirm your bookings, which can be produced for reimbursement with your trust.

If you live outside the UK, then you may have to apply for a visa to come over to the UK and attend a classroom course. If you need a visa, you will need to apply for the course at the beginning of the application period and state clearly that you need a letter for your visa application. We can send you an invitation letter to support your application, but we are not involved in the visa approval process. If a visa is not granted, we will not be held responsible for it, We advise you to apply for the course well in advance which gives you adequate time to apply and complete this process.

We are unable to routinely transfer the fee paid for one diet to another. Please write to us describing your individual circumstances if you want to discuss this.

At SPMM, we have immense experience in conducting clinical practice courses tailored to the needs of candidates; we have put together a comprehensive training package to ace your clinical exam! CASC weekend course is a two-day course which provides essential practice for anyone sitting the CASC exams. CASC mock exam is designed to give you a real taste of the CASC exam. You will perform stations under strict exam conditions with professional role players. CASC champion course is a complete package for the CASC. It is a unique coaching course for two days with the primary focus on improving communication skills. CASC Smart revise notes comprise of 17 modules, covering more than 150 stations from different areas of psychiatry. CASC video course comprises of 63 exam stations (39 simple and 24 paired stations) performed by highly experienced SPMM examiners and professional role players. You can watch as many times as you want. These courses aim to cover most of the CASC stations that have appeared since the inception of CASC exams in 2008.

Yes, we run both online and mock interviews. ST4 Online course is an essential revision tool for anyone attending the ST4 interviews. It has videos performed by examiners simulating real interview situations, podcasts offering valuable interview tips and an interview preparation guide. ST4 Mock interview is an interview practice based on the most recent format of national higher specialist training selection in psychiatry. It is highly recommended for people who would like to seek real ST4 interview experience.

Starter High yield A1 £ 249.00
Starter High yield A2 £ 249.00
Starter High yield A £ 299.00
Starter High yield B £ 299.00
Booster mock A1 £ 169.00
Booster mock A2 £ 169.00
Booster mock A £ 249.00
Booster mock B £ 249.00
Classroom course A1 £ 325.00
Classroom course A2 £ 325.00
Classroom course A £ 480.00
Classroom course B £ 480.00
Stats videos £ 195.00
CASC weekend course £ 840.00
CASC champion course £ 1500.00
CASC videos £ 180.00
CASC Smart revise notes £ 120.00
CASC mock exam £ 495.00

Name of the product Components
Starter A1 HighYield Q Bank A1, SmartRevise A1 (Six months access)
Starter A2 HighYield Q Bank A2, SmartRevise A2 (Six months access)
Starter A HighYield Q Bank A1, SmartRevise A1, HighYield Q Bank A2, SmartRevise A2 (Six months access)
Starter B HighYield Q Bank B, SmartRevise B (Six months access)
Booster A1 Mock A1 (6 exams; unlimited attempts, 10 weeks access)
Booster A2 Mock A2 (6 exams; unlimited attempts, 10 weeks access)
Booster A Mock A (6 exams; unlimited attempts, 10 weeks access)
Booster B Mock B (6 exams; unlimited attempts, 10 weeks access)
Classroom A1 Paper A1 Classcourse, A SmartRevise A1 (Six months access)
Classroom A2 Paper A2 Classcourse, A SmartRevise A2 (Six months access)
Classroom A Paper A1 Classcourse, A SmartRevise A1, Paper A2 Classcourse,  SmartRevise A2 (Six months access)
Classroom B Paper B Classcourse, A SmartRevise B (Six months access)