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At SPMM, we have sat the MRCPsych exams ourselves; we understand it very well and we have made your revision bite-sized! We keep pace with all changes in the MRCPsych curriculum. All of our theory courses are up-to-date and reflect the new pattern of written exam syllabus introduced in 2015.

Starter Packages provide access to our comprehensive study materials (SPMM SmartRevise © ) and subject-based question banks with evidence-based answers and explanations (SPMM HiYield © ). You will have 6 months access to these resources from the date of purchase.

Booster (Mock) Packages provide access to SPMM mock exams - our practice tests that revolutionized the MRCPsych exam preparation since their introduction. These are excellent simulations of the real exam prepared on the basis of the exam blue-print - not a randomised set of questions picked by a computer programme. Mocks allow you to identify your weakest areas before the actual exam. Booster (Mock) Package subscription will give you access to 6 individual practice papers, all made of reconstructed questions from the most recent exams. Subscriptions can be purchased only 10 weeks before the College exam date.

For a more intense and focused revision session you can also subscribe to our e-Crashclass for Paper A and Paper B. These crash courses offer annually updated publications from the SPMM designed to cover the most recently tested themes in the RCPsych exams. They are accompanied by explanatory videos led by our course organisers Dr Sree Murthy and Dr Lena Palaniyappan. We recommend these for people who start their revision closer to the exam, and want to minimise the time spent on reading sessions.

The Paper A e-Crashclass takes you through each basic science subject in the syllabus, and provides conceptual clarity for solving MCQs and EMIs (20 hrs of viewing; with new lectures added every year).

The Paper B e-Crashclass covers all of the most important questions pertaining to clinical as well as critical appraisal topics (19 hrs of viewing; 10.5 hrs of clinical topics; 8.5hrs of critical appraisal). For both video courses, you will receive a PDF of Q-Bank to print and practice. These subscriptions are valid for 3 months from the day of purchase.

Stats e-Course (listed under CrashClasses) gives you 3 months access to 2-part video lectures. The first 'Tutorial' part consists of 26 presentations explaining the critical appraisal and statistical concepts most relevant to the MRCPsych exams. This is most suitable for candidates who lack clarity in concepts of critical appraisal and require someone to 'show, tell and teach' statistics required for MRCPsych. The second 'Practice' part consists of a number of long single-best-answer and EMI questions from published papers. The tutor (Dr. Lena Palaniyappan) will take you through every question and show how to solve them methodically if they appear in your exams. The Stats e-course is a good option if you prefer focused tutoring with step-by-step solutions for critical appraisal calculations.

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