At SPMM, we have immense experience in conducting clinical practice courses tailored to the needs of candidates; we have put together a comprehensive training package to ace your clinical exam!

CASC weekend course provides essential practice for anyone sitting the CASC exams (2-day course). Candidates get an opportunity to practice 60 exam stations (30 stations on day 1 and 30 stations on day 2). Only college exam stations will be practiced and they are based on new college exam format.
CASC mock exam is designed to give you a real taste of the CASC exam. In a mock exam, you will do 8 stations in the morning and 8 stations in the afternoon under strict exam conditions with professional role players. Highly recommended for candidates with previous unsuccessful CASC attempts.
CASC champion course is a complete package that includes a special coaching course for 2 days conducted for small groups of maximum 5-6 participants. The candidates will take turns to perform 60-65 stations in total. The main focus is on improving communication skills. Additional features include free access to CASC videos and CASC smart revise notes for 6 months.
CASC Smart revise notes comprises of 17 modules, covering more than 150 stations from different areas of psychiatry. It aims to cover most of the CASC stations that have appeared since the inception of CASC exams in 2008.
CASC video course comprises of 63 exam stations performed by highly experienced SPMM examiners and professional role players with valuable exam tips after each video (for a total of 650 minutes- 6 months access- you can watch as many times as you want).
“Crack the CASC” with role player is a special course introduced for trainees to give them an opportunity to practise exam stations with professional role players. You will be able to practise 25 stations on a single day through skype or other videoconferencing tools.
ST4 Online course is an essential revision tool for anyone attending the ST4 interviews. It has videos performed by examiners simulating real interview situations, podcasts offering valuable interview tips and an interview preparation guide
ST4 Mock interview is an interview practice based on the most recent format of national higher specialist training selection in psychiatry. It is highly recommended for people who would like to seek real ST4 interview experience. The stations covered include Portfolio station, Audit and Leadership, Communication stations (Specialty specific)
BST clinical exam course is a one-day course to assist preparation for the Irish Basic Specialist Training clinical exam. This is the only revision course tailored for BST exams. Both ‘Clinical Formulation and Management Examination’ (CFMEs) and OSCE training are available.

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