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Course CASC Champion course (Face to Face) - 29 & 30 June 2024
No. of Places 5
No. of Vacancies 4
Start Date June 29, 2024
End Date June 30, 2024
Venue Face to Face

CASC champion course is a complete package that includes a special coaching course for 2 days conducted for small groups of maximum 5-6 participants. The candidates will take turns to perform 60-65 stations in total. The main focus is on improving communication skills. 

Only college exam stations will be practiced and they are based on the new college format. 

The circuits will focus on History taking, Mental state examination, Risk assessment, Capacity assessment, Physical examination and Patient Management to reflect changes to the CASC examination (Effective January 2018).

Additional features include free access to CASC videos (86 stations) and CASC smart revise notes (80-90 stations) for 6 months.