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Course CASC Mock exams (Online) - 16 September 2023
No. of Places 48
No. of Vacancies 45
Start Date September 16, 2023
End Date September 16, 2023
Venue Virtual

CASC mock exams designed to give you a real taste of the CASC exam.

Please note that the Mock exams will be held online in digital format using video consultation. 

In the mock exam, you will do a new circuit of 8 stations in the morning and the second circuit of 8 stations in the afternoon under strict exam conditions with professional role players.

Highly recommended for all candidates willing to simulate a real exam experience.

Only exam stations will be tested and they are based on the new exam format. (DIGITAL VIDEO CONSULTATION).

The circuits will focus on History taking, Mental state examination, Risk assessment, Capacity assessment and Patient Management to reflect changes to the CASC examination.

(Online mock exams helps to save your costs travelling upto London, staying in a hotel etc and gives you the liberty to take the exams in your own comfortable environment)