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Course SPMM MRCPsych Paper A Video Course
No. of Places Unlimited
No. of Vacancies Unlimited
Start Date May 13, 2023
End Date May 13, 2025
Venue Online video course

For a more intense and focused revision session you can also attend our recorded video courses for Paper A. These are revisions courses designed to cover the most frequently tested themes in the exams.

The Paper A video course covers all of the most important questions pertaining to clinical as well as critical appraisal topics (19 hrs of viewing; 10.5 hrs of clinical topics; 8.5hrs of critical appraisal).You will receive a PDF of Q-Bank to print and practice. These subscriptions are valid for 3 months from the day of purchase.

These per-recorded tutorials are led by our course organisers Dr Sree Prathap Mohana Murthy and Dr Lena Palaniyappan. We recommend these for you if you are just starting your revision and want to minimise the time spent on reading sessions.