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Course CASC Weekend course (Online)- 27/28 November 2021
No. of Places 25
No. of Vacancies 14
Start Date November 27, 2021
End Date November 28, 2021

(Please note that the CASC Weekend course will be held online in digital format using video consultation)- Effective from August 2020.
The CASC Weekend Course provides essential practice for anyone sitting the CASC exams (2-day course). In this course the candidates will get an opportunity to practice 60 exam stations (30 stations on day 1 and 30 stations on day 2) with professional role players and experienced examiners who can offer constructive and structured feedback. Both oral & written feedback will be provided for each station. Each will perform 12 stations and observe another 48 stations. Only exam stations will be practiced. The course aims to offer excellent guidance for passing the CASC and is ideal for candidates sitting the CASC examination