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Course CASC Champion course (Online)-3/4 July 2021
No. of Places 8
No. of Vacancies 7
Start Date July 03, 2021
End Date July 04, 2021
Venue Online

(Please note that the CASC Champion course will be held online in digital format using video consultation)- Effective from August 2020.
CASC champion course is a complete package that includes a special coaching course for 2 days conducted for small groups of maximum 5-6 participants. The candidates will take turns to perform 60-65 stations in total. The main focus is on improving communication skills. It is an interactive course with extensive feedback from experienced trainers & professional role players and question time for candidates to clarify doubts.
The aim is to identify strengths & encourage them, identify area of concern and help to rectify them. Additional features include free access to CASC online materials and CASC videos for 6 months; highly recommended for people needing extra support to pass CASC exams.